Client Success Story – ECOM

“ECOM — Eurasian Coalition on Health, Rights, Gender and Sexual Diversity (ECOM) is a Tallinn, Estonia based non-profit association of organizations and activists involved in the response to the HIV epidemic among gay men and other men who have sex with men, and transgender people in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

ECOM was looking for a digital service to sign and manage contracts with our sub-contractors based both in and outside the European Union. We had looked at a number of service providers, and after consideration and rounds of consultation, we chose”

Automated Contracting Process

“We have been using for almost four months now. Our communication has been smooth and prompt from the beginning. They supported ECOM’s suggestions and offered us a special NGO price which we appreciate very much.

All the processes guaranteed by our contract with have been set up and launched:

  • a contract template;
  • a contract monitoring table;
  • algorithms of interaction between ECOM and sub-contractors.

ECOM already uses an automated contract process. Our subcontractors from around the world can easily sign the contracts with digital signature using a verification method available in a country they are based.

Technical support, speed of response to requests, and quality of services provided by, deserve our recommendation for cooperation.”

Vitaly Djuma,
Executive Director,

The future is here now

In conclusion,’s hosted and managed B2B integrations offer comprehensive solutions for contract workflow needs. The custom B2B integration of POA automation helped ECOM manage their legal documents in a fast, safe, and legal way. The B2B solution enabled them to e-create, e-management, e-sign, and e-archive their service agreements in an easy, fast, and safe way, regardless of the location of the parties involved, supporting over 30 different digital signature methods.

We are looking forward helping ECOM with more contracting workflows in the future.

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